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By LTplus – ArchitektenInitiative

LTplus AI-Tool-Architecture V11 – Architectural application for IntelliCAD – Demo & Tutorial – LTplus is the 2D/3D-Application for IntelliCAD with integrated complex constructions and presentation with the included OpenFX 3D-Modeller. You get a program, that connects a simple way of drawing, with all advantages of an electronic system. Additionally, the program makes a 3D-Visualisation possible, so that you can checkup the model at anytime. The favorable price results from the fact, that the ArchitektenInitiative e.V. is a real Non-Profit-Organisation of german and european engineer- and architecture-offices.

Photolemur is a handy photography software developed for desktop devices. It is made to edit your images as automatic as possible. With its advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence, you’ll be able to tweak your photos as much as you like in just a single click.

Feature-packed editor with an intuitive interface

This convenient editor contains a simple, innovative, and user-centered interface. It removes all the complex sliders that can confuse you and places all the emphasis on your photos. However, despite its simplicity, it still capable of providing the most advanced image processing technology. With its 12 smart technologies, you’ll be able to make your images better, even without spending hours editing your photos.

Everything from the face, objects, colors, horizons, and the sky will be automatically analyzed and adjusted for you. Unlike other editor tools that only apply a default filter to enhance your photos, Photolemur serves a special technology that is capable of distinguishing even the smallest detail and element in your photo. Thus, you don’t have to switch from this filter another filter just to know the most suitable effect to your image.

What’s more impressive about the app is its capability to enhance images in bulk. It can also do this automatically.  You only need to drag and drop all of your photos, and the work will be done in one click. However, this is only available for the paid version of the program, and the exported outputs in your demo version will contain a watermark.

Made for your convenience

Photolemur is indeed designed with ease of use for users, of course, without sacrificing the array of excellent tools it provides. Thanks to the special technology that the program utilizes, almost everything about editing in this app is possible to be done immediately. Thus, you can spend more of your leisure time in other valuable things. It is both available in the freemium and paid version.


  • User-centered interface

  • Handy photo editor

  • Advanced algorithm and artificial intelligence

  • Most of the enhancement is done in one click


  • Batch image processing is only available when purchased

  • The output contains a watermark in free version

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