Autobahn DX (32 bit)

Autobahn DX (32 bit)

Autobahn DX (32 bit)

Developer’s Description

By Aquaforest

Autobahn DX is a Document Processing product designed to fit into an organization’s document workflow. It is able to process and convert a variety of different types of document including TIFF images, Microsoft Office documents and HTML pages, convert those documents to searchable PDFs and perform a variety of other customizable activities.The Extended OCR Module for Autobahn DX adds the IRIS OCR engine as an alternative to the standard Aquaforest engine. This has a number of benefits including optional support for Asian languages and DOCX output.

The Multi-Core module allows a single job to process multiple files in parallel and is ideally suited for maximizing throughput when processing large volumes of documents of any size. Sharepoint is supported as a document target destination (Sharepoint Upload) and as a source (Sharepoint Download). This allows Sharepoint document libraries to be populated directly from Autobahn DX jobs.

We’re here to help you solve your business critical problem of making your SharePoint content FINDABLE. Saving you time, money and possible litigation. Aquaforest are experts in Making SharePoint Content Findable. We create and sell high performance SharePoint, PDF and OCR software products to a world-wide market. Thousands of organizations ranging from NASA to the French National Assembly use Aquaforest solutions to bring full visibility of PDFs to their document workflow processes. Our products include : AQUAFOREST SEARCHLIGHT SUITE Aquaforest Searchlight:The solution that automatically performs Optical Character Recognition (OCR) of PDFs and image files ensuring all your documents are fully searchable in Microsoft SharePoint.Office 365 and Azure. Searchlight Tagger: extends our suite of SharePoint products to improve findability by supporting automated tagging based on : • Taxonomy Matching • Entity Extraction • Zonal Rules • Barcodes • PDF Metadata • PDF Forms After a great response to the product at the European SharePoint Conference you can now download the preview release of Searchlight Tagger which provides an automated tagging solution for SharePoint and Office 365. Aquaforest Kingfisher: helps unlock and organize key business information trapped in PDF documents such as financial records, customer reports, scanned files and payment runs. AQUAFOREST AUTOBAHN DX Autobahn DX is a sophisticated High Volume Automated Document Conversion product boasting an impressive set of document processing tools and functionality including OCR. AQUAFOREST OCR SDK The Aquaforest OCR SDK for .NET is aimed at developers who wish to embed the Aquaforest OCR engine and build High Performance 32-bit or 64-bit OCR applications in C#, VB.NET and ASP.NET. All products are available to trial for free

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      Autobahn DX is a document processing product designed to fit into an organization’s document workflow. The program processes and converts a variety of different types of documents including TIFF images, Microsoft Office documents and HTML pages, converts those documents to searchable PDFs and performs a variety of other customizable activities. This includes TIFF Junction and PDF Junction.

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