BodyBalance Exercises & Benefits

BodyBalance Exercises & Benefits


Developer’s Description:

This application helps to know what is ideal weigh for you. Registered application give more information like help with colors and tells also what is percentage of fat in your body. It showing also your history with trend.

Black and polished outside, mastermind inside, and super-easy to control. Use the menu item Program > Creating new user profile to generate any desired number of user profiles with different users. The software supports a total of 7 languages. Select the user for which the trend curves and recommendations are to be displayed. All menu items will be displayed only if a user has been selected.

More about Body Balance Comfort Select Software

You can have the version of Body Balance Comfort Select Software 18.47 MB from this site. This program by Soehnle can be acquired for free . The software refers to Personal, Health. A number of antivirus services checked the file safe to use.

Body Balance Comfort Select Software

By Soehnle

Black and polished outside, mastermind inside, and super-easy to control. Use the menu item Program > Creating new user profile to generate any desired number of user profiles with different users. The software supports a total of 7 languages.


BODYBALANCE™ is a scientifically created blend of Tai Chi, Pilates, and Yoga movements. Set to peaceful music, it’s easy to forget that throughout the session, you’re putting both your body and your mind through a series of challenges designed to make you more flexible and stronger.

Is it Good for Burning Calories?

Although you will burn more calories during a BODYBALANCE session than if you were at home watching TV, that is not the primary goal of the discipline. Instead, the lessons focus on developing joint mobility, core strength, calming you down, and boosting your overall well-being. With that in mind, rather of focusing about burning calories, focus on the fact that taking these sessions will make you more flexible, stronger, and less worried.

What Exercises do you do During BODYBALANCE?

The lessons begin with Tai Chi-inspired breathing exercises, then go on to warrior sequences, hip openers, exhilarating sun salutations, twists, and Pilates-inspired core conditioning. Finally, you’ll do some relaxation exercises.


Body Balance Comfort Select Software is a Shareware software in the category Miscellaneous developed by Leifheit AG.

The latest version of Body Balance Comfort Select Software is currently unknown. It was initially added to our database on 10/22/2010.

Body Balance Comfort Select Software runs on the following operating systems: Windows.

Body Balance Comfort Select Software has not been rated by our users yet.

Are you looking for Body Balance for Windows 7/8/10 download instructions?
Then you’ve come to the right place. Most of the mobile apps are exclusively developed to work with mobile phones. But we love to use them on larger screens such as Windows Laptop / Desktop as it gives easy and faster access than a small mobile device.

Few apps provide the larger screen versions that support windows, mac, and PC by default. But when there is no official large screen support,  we need to find a way to install and use it. Luckily we have got you a few methods that can help you to install and use Body Balance in Windows – 7/8/10, Mac, PC.

Here in this article, we have listed a few different ways to Download Body Balance on PC/Windows in a step-by-step guide. Try them out and enjoy Body Balance on your PC. If you have any questions or face any issues, please let us know by posting in the comment section below.

In this first method, we will use Blustacks Emulator to install and use the mobile apps.  So here is a little detail about Bluestacks before we start using them.

BlueStacks is one of the earliest and most used emulators to run Android applications on your Windows PC. It supports a wide variety of computer and laptop versions including WIndows 7/8/10 Desktop / Laptop, Mac OS, etc. It runs apps smoother and faster compared to its competitors. So you should try this method first before trying other methods as it is easy, seamless, and smooth.

So let’s see how to download Body Balance for PC Windows 7/8/10 Laptop/Desktop and install it in this step-by-step method.

  1. Open Blustacks website by clicking this link – Download BlueStacks Emulator
  2. Once you open the website, you will find a green color “Download BlueStacks” button. Click it and it will start the download based on your OS.
  3. After the download is complete, please install it by double-clicking it. Installation is as simple and easy as any other software installation.
  4. Once the installation is complete, open the BlueStacks software. It may take some time to load for the first time. Just be patient until it completely loads and available. You will see the home screen of Bluestacks.
  5. BlueStacks comes with Google play store pre-installed. On the home screen, double-click the Playstore icon to open it.
  6. Now you can search Google Play store for Body Balance app using the search bar at the top.  Click “Install” to get it installed. Always make sure you download the official app only by verifying the developer’s name. In this case, it is “Ace AUTHORS”.

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