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Developer’s Description

Bookingbay is a free, social, online and mobile booking system, suitable for everyone. It’s so versatile but yet easy to use that you can easily create your mobile presence, a bookingbay page, which allows you to make bookings and payments online instantly. To preview, please navigate to on your favorite smart phones or tablets.

Key features:

– Mobile, simple, easy and yet free!
– Bookingbay works on almost all mobile platforms, iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets.
– Integrated with PayPal Express Checkout.
– Facebook login / social plugins / requests and post to walls so that your customers can invite their friends to your mobile shop.
– Works for all types of businesses – Hotels, Cinemas, Theaters, Events, Car Hire, Tutors, Sports Facilities. Mobile

Uses of Mobile:

Making Payments on the Go:

  • Mobile provides a convenient way to make payments using your phone’s web browser. This eliminates the need to carry cash or switch between different apps for various payments.

Potentially Wider Acceptance:

  • If Mobile gains traction, it could be accepted by a wider range of merchants besides those with dedicated apps. This would offer increased flexibility for mobile payments.

Security Considerations:

  • It’s important to advise users about security precautions when making payments through a web browser. Recommend using a trusted mobile browser and keeping it updated for security patches.

Limited Functionality (if applicable):

  • Depending on Mobile’s capabilities, there might be limitations compared to dedicated payment apps. For instance, it might not offer features like loyalty programs or spending trackers.

Research Further:

  • As information about Mobile seems limited, advise users to research further to ensure it’s a reputable service and aligns with their needs. They can look for reviews or contact Mobile directly for more details.

By covering these points, you can provide a balanced overview of Mobile’s potential uses while keeping your readers informed about potential limitations and security considerations.



  • Convenience: Make payments on the go directly through your phone’s web browser without needing extra apps.
  • Potentially Wider Acceptance: Mobile could be accepted by a wider range of merchants who might not have their own payment apps, offering more flexibility.


  • Security Concerns: Using a web browser for payments might raise security anxieties for some users. Recommend using a trusted and updated mobile browser for better security.
  • Limited Functionality (if applicable): Mobile might not offer the same features as dedicated payment apps, such as loyalty programs or spending trackers.
  • Uncertain Reputation: Since information about Mobile seems limited, there might be some uncertainty regarding its reputation and reliability. Advise users to research further to ensure it’s a trustworthy service.

Overall: Mobile offers the convenience of mobile payments through your phone’s browser, potentially expanding your payment options. However, it’s important to weigh the potential security concerns and limitations in functionality compared to dedicated payment apps. Recommend users research Mobile’s reputation before using it.

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