Easy Weigh System Standard Edition

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Easy Weigh System Standard Edition

By JPC Soft Systems

Easy Weigh System Standard Edition is a program that makes it easy for anyone to make weightings, print reports, and receipts. All functionality is combined in a program with a user-friendly interface. Features include very simple to create customers, cars, and goods, easy to make double or single weighing the results from indicator or manual entry, printing reports based on those already made weightings can be sorted for cars, product, and customer, save reports as PDF files, receipts for weightings can be designed for clients own wishes and their logo and company information can be added to the receipts, easy and automatic fault reporting and updating of the program, and detects errors and save them in a bug report where they are sent directly to user

Easy Weigh System Wireless Edition is a new program that makes it easy for anyone to make automatic weighing wireless via SMS without using a terminal or ID cards and print reports or receipts. All functionality is combined in a program with a user-friendly interface. The user simply sends an SMS to a predetermined number after which the weighing is carried out automatically and a receipt is sent back to the user via SMS and e-mail. Weighing is quickly done and the user need not exit the vehicle. Features include location of indicator and office is independent from each other and can be customized with user input via SMS, manual entries of weights is still possible in the program, receipts for weighing can be designed according customers’ own wishes and their logo and company information can be added to transcripts of roads receipts, easy and automatic fault reporting and updating of the program, and SMS receipts can also be customized as needed.

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Connect to a weighbridge machine and manage the transmitted vehicle weight data, with the help of this powerful software solution

Easy Weighbridge


Review by Catalin Chelariu on June 20, 2016

Easy Weighbridge is a complex application designed to help you manage raw weight data obtained from specialized weighing equipment and store this information in an organized database.

It also offers several other functions, enabling you to keep track of your associates, send SMS messages, generate reports, set up reminders and create to-do lists.

Feature-packed program that can help you record and manage weight data

Of course, before anything else, you should connect your weighbridge indicator via a COM port and adjust the application’s settings as required. Once that is done, you can begin recording entries and storing this information in the database.

The application enables you to organize vehicle types, buyers and sellers, so as to make it easier to keep track of associates and perform data entry operations.

Moreover, Easy Weighbridge allows you to set up reminders and create to-do lists, which can help you manage your schedule.

Comprehensive reporting capabilities

It is possible to generate reports that can be filtered by multiple parameters, and the application also enables you to design personalized documents that list all the information you are interested in.

Furthermore, reports can be sent via SMS or e-mail automatically, as well as exported to various file formats.

Powerful application that, sadly, lacks documentation

If you have some experience in the field, you should be able to understand how Easy Weighbridge works, although it may take a while for you to familiarize yourself with its functions.

Unfortunately, however, the application does not provide you with any documentation, which novices would certainly have found very helpful. Because of this, it may be wise to seek advice from an expert when using the application for the first time.

All in all, Easy Weighbridge is a reliable piece of software that can help businesses record and organize vehicle weight data, with the aid of specialized weighing equipment. It features a simplistic user interface and provides you with a fair number of helpful tools, but it lacks documentation.

Weighing Intelligence is the latest generation of weighbridge management application software reinforcing our commitment towards providing innovative and differentiated weighing solutions of global standards, to our customers.

Built upon IIS platform using Microsoft® ASP, this application can be deployed on Cloud or In-premise Servers and can be accessed through any web-browser from a range of networked devices like PC / Laptop / Tablet used for managing weighbridge operation. The system is fully scalable from a single basic weighbridge to a multi-location, multi-weighbridge scenarios and capable to be seamlessly integrated with a wide range of ERP Systems for two-way transfer of weighing transection data in a secure manner.


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weighbridge software for managing weighbridge data and connect to weighbridge indicators

Weighbridge interface & inventory management software for Quarry, Ready-mix plants, Scrap weighment, Cement plants etc. Can connect to any truck scale like Avery, Ricelake, Cardinal etc. Supports sales, purchase, public weighments, invoicing, production logging with Recipe (Raw material BOM), Liquid/Gas weighment, order management, payment management and detailed reporting. Supports Smartcard interface, and multi-site multiweighbrige operation.

1. Can connect ro any weighbridge indicator regardless of the make or brand of indicator.

2. Back end support for integrating weighbridge and other business processes like inventory, production etc

3. Most feature rich and easy to use weighbridge software

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