Hello phone Dialer for Windows 10

Hello phone Dialer for Windows 10Hello phone Dialer for Windows 10

Hello Phone for Windows Phone 8 let you make voice call worldwide with the finest voice quality. App Benefits: Works from all over the world. Uses Windows Phone contacts. Crystal Clear Quality. Lowest International Rates. Satisfaction guaranteed. With this application, user can make cheap VOIP calls. Main features: Making and receiving VoIP calls. Built-in tunnel for passing through VoIP blockades. Connectivity through WIFI, 4G/3G, 2G EDGE. Integrated contacts from the phone. Loudspeaker. Balance information. Call cost information. Time, call status logs How to Activate: 1. Go to Store and download “Hello Phone” on your Windows Phone. 2. Launch Hello Phone -> Settings-> enter your user name and PIN. 3. Launch Hello Phone app and dial destination number using any of the Dial formats or directly from Contact list.


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