HPDesignjetT610PrinterSeries.EXE HP Drivers & Downloads 2024

HPDesignjetT610PrinterSeries.EXE HP Drivers & Downloads 2024


Developer’s Description:

This package supports the following driver models:


Please read the directions in this paper carefully. Follow the steps in the order they are provided.
You will require the following for this procedure:
Because the printer is hefty, it may require up to three persons to unload it.

To build the printer, you’ll need at least 1 x 2 meters (40 x 80 inches) of open floor space.

Before unpacking the printer, decide where it will be placed once constructed. Allow for enough room on all sides of the printer box. The required clearances are depicted in the image below.

Unpack the Printer:

  • Remove two accessory boxes, one from each end of the printer box. The manuals and software for your printer are located on the top of the printer.
  • Remove the stand box, which is the biggest. To do this, you may need two persons, one at each end.
  • Remove the empty boxes.
  • Remove the roll of paper and lay it on the floor next to the printer box, on the side where you are still installing the printer.
  • Remove the back tray from the printer.
  • Take the six-boxx fasteners from the edges of the printer box. To remove the fastener, pull on the tabs on the sides to open it, then continue pushing to remove the entire item from the box.
  • Lift the sides and top of the printer box to remove it from the printer.
    Dismantle the bottom of the printer box by disengaging each corner and folding down the edges to keep them out of the way.
  • Cut and remove the straps that go around the stand box.
  • Open the stand box.
  • Remove the cross-brace and two pieces of packing material from either end of the stand box.

Connect directly to a computer (Windows):

The built-in USB 2.0 connector on your printer allows you to connect it straight to a computer.

  1. Do not connect the computer and printer yet. You must first install the printer driver software on your computer, as shown below.
  2. Insert the HP Start-Up Kit DVD into the DVD drive. If the DVD does not start automatically, launch the START.EXE software located in the DVD’s root folder.
  3. Select Install. The printer drivers, HP Easy Printer Care, and HP Color Center are all installed.
  4. To set up the printer, follow the on-screen directions. The accompanying notes will help you comprehend the displays and make suitable decisions.

When asked how the printer is connected, choose “Connected directly to this computer.”

If you want to share the printer with others on your network, click the Printer Properties button in the Ready to Install window, then go to the Sharing tab and enter the name under which the printer will be shared.

When prompted, connect your computer to the printer via an approved USB cable (supplied with the printer). Make sure that the printer is turned on.

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