Insurance-Home Inventory for Windows 8

Developer’s Description

Insurance-Home Inventory for Windows 8

By idea.Factory
Insurance-Home Inventory for Windows 8 allows you to document the “things” in your house and/or storage unit that you would want to replace if they were destroyed or stolen, burned down have a complete list of what was destroyed, or thief broke in would you know what was missing.

✔ What’s Cool

1. Called “Quick and easy to use” by the New York Times and a Mac App Store pick for “Best of 2013” by Apple, Home Inventory is the go-to tool for organizing details about your home and belongings for all your household needs.

2. • Take photos and scan receipts directly to Home Inventory from your iPhone or iPad using Continuity Camera in Mojave and iOS 12.

3. A Mac App Store Editor’s Choice, Home Inventory has been helping people around the world document & manage their home & belongings since 2005.

4. • Use our free helper app, Home Inventory Remote Entry, to add items from your iPhone or iPad device.

5. • Use our free helper app Home Inventory Mobile Backup to backup to your iPhone or iPad for safe keeping and viewing on the go.

6. • Share your inventory report with your insurance agent so you can determine the exact level of coverage you need.

Home inventory softwares are essential tools that come in handy at the time of emergency and at the time of claiming insurance. These software help in keeping a list of all your valuables and belongings and claim for replacement after uncertain circumstances like theft, fire or any natural disaster! With these home inventory softwares the task of documenting your home essentials becomes super easy and quick. The free home inventory softwares are easily available online for download.

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