MagicRq plugin

MagicRq plugin

MagicRq plugin

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By No Magic

MagicRQ plugin 14.0 for MagicDraw is the first true Requirements Hub that can move requirements between Telelogic’s DOORS or IBM RationalÃ????Ã???Ã??Ã?® RequisiteProÃ????Ã???Ã??Ã?® seamlessly. All of the requirements information is moved into MagicDraw for maximum traceability and interactionMagicDraw 15.0 EAP beta 2 is released

No Magic is pleased to announce the release of MagicDraw 15.0 EAP beta 2. MagicDraw UML 15.0 release is focused on the full UML 2.2 metamodel support and usability enhancements. The UML changes are reflected in notation, XMI, EMF interchange, UML 1.4 import and all other related functionalities. Open API has also been changed to reflect the updates in the UML metamodel. The usability enhancements include diagram in full screen mode, customizable image export with the TIFF format, selection of image size, DPI, and a lot of other improvements.

Check our New and Noteworthy section to read about the detailed description of the new MagicDraw UML 15.0 EAP beta 2 features.

Please note that MagicDraw UML 15.0 EAP beta 2 is in late stage of beta development, thus its stability and robustness cannot be guaranteed, as with any beta. We recommend that you do not use this release or any EAP beta releases for production software projects. Your feedback on this beta is greatly appreciated to help make MagicDraw be the highest quality and most full featured tool on the market.


As part of our ongoing product lifecycle management process, we are announcing that from the 31st December 2020, the Products and Releases below will be transitioned to an “End of Life” status. From this date, the Products and Releases below will no longer be commercially available or developed by No Magic.

You may continue to use your perpetual license to the Products in accordance with the terms of your license agreement. After the effective date, we will no longer be able to provide you with license keys or media for your Products or Releases.

In the event a maintenance agreement between us has not been terminated or is not already expired, this End of Life notification serves as a notice of termination thereof with respect to the said product releases.

We are sure you can appreciate that the Products have had a product life cycle that, like many, eventually comes to a conclusion as more current, cost effective and efficient technologies become available.

As a valued customer of No Magic, there are a number of alternatives for you to consider. We will be happy to assist you in assessing your options and in balancing your technical and budgetary needs. Please do not hesitate to contact your assigned No Magic Sales representative.

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MagicRQ Plugin 14.0 for MagicDraw is the first real requirements hub that meets requirements between Telelogic’s DOORS or IBM Rationalà ???? à ??? à ?? Ã? ® RequisiteProà ???? à ??? à ?? Ã? ® seamless. All requirement information is moved to MagicDraw for maximum traceability and interaction.

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