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Manage and access your information anywhere you are, anytime you are. Powerful personal information managers, calendar (scheduler, reminder), notes, IE Favorites manager. Organized by colorful tag, categorize notes by paths. Manager information locally and synchronize modified by email, no risk of information leaking. Version includes unspecified updates

manage and access your information wherever you are, whenever you are. Powerful personal information managers, calendar (planner, reminder), notes, IE favorites manager. Organized by colorful tag, classify notes by paths. Information manager locally and synchronize modified by e-mail, no risk of information leakage. Version includes unspecified updates

What’s new in this version:..

Version includes unspecified updates


Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
Limits :

11 days

12 Jul 15 in Productivity Software, Contact Management Software

Virtual FlashCards 2 includes the creation of multimedia flashcards, smart study options to maximize study time, an integrated online FlashCard swapping system, multiple print options, and more. FlashCards can be text, pictures (with answer regions), and sounds. Advanced study options show you the flashcards you don’t know…more often. Keep extensive statistics of your studying progress. Sharing flashcards is as easy as using the integrated online collection, and flashcards can be printed in…It’s not fully feature complete as of yet but the core functionality is in there.  It should be pretty intuitive.

1) Use the top section to create and add your match filters to the list.
2) Checkmark the rows you want to process.
3) Choose your method at the bottom and click Start.  Progress and such is shown in the statusbar.  You can cancel at any time.
4) All checked rows will be processed in order.  You can move highlighted rows up and down through the list with ctrl-up and ctrl-down before clicking Start.
5) You can delete rows by highlighting and pressing delete.
6) The list is saved/loaded automatically when you close/launch the app.  No other settings are saved at this point.

The three methods you can choose from are:

1) Copy files to destination.  Self-explanatory.
2) Move files to destination.  Self-explanatory.
3) Simulation only.  This mode won’t touch your files.  It will just create a text report that will show which files matched your filters and their destinations.  You can use it as a sort of “test run” mode.  Keep in mind that if your filter matches a very large number of files, the resulting text file can get pretty large, too.  Depending on path lengths involved, figure about a meg per 9000 lines/matches.File Manager: A fully featured file explorer and app manager to help with file transfers, accessing files and document management!

★ Custom Colors
Now available with custom colors! Select and use your favorite color.

★ Cloud Storage
Access Google Drive & Google Storage, Dropbox, and One Drive

★ Phone Manager
Transfer content, copy/paste, compress, unzip, delete, and move files, as well as extracting ZIP, RAR, BIN, TAR & APK files, between local drive, external storage and cloud storage

★ External File Manager
Access files, storage backup and USB Flash Drive manager

★ Audio Manager
File manager for .mp3 files & ringtone manager

★ App Manager
Delete apps & manage app storage

* Access Files & Manage Storage:
File explorer to access downloads, copy and paste files, delete files, transfer files, backup files, show hidden files, compress files.

* Storage Manager:
Save space by deleting files with our disk cleaner and extract compressed files or transfer compressed files in ZIP, RAR, APK, TAR, BIN, and TBZ formats. File Manager saves files to usb flash drive (microSD) with on the go (OTG), delete files, share files, and transfer files.

* File Manager and File Viewer for Cloud Storage:
Transfer and delete Google Drive, Dropbox, and One Drive (Skydrive).

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