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As a mobile user, when you move your computer to a new location, you typically have to change settings like your default printer, network shares. In some locations you want to synchronize files, make a backup or auto-start programs. NeighborhoodIdentifier enables you to pre-configure location profiles based upon the availability of a computer name, share, url, ip address. Next the profiles will be launched automatically at start-up. Specifically for Laptop users NI is a time saver

With Neighborhood MapMachine program, students create and navigate maps of their own neighborhoods, other communities, or imaginary places — all while learning challenging navigation concepts.
– Locate places using the four cardinal directions
– Use scale to determine the distance between places on maps
– Identify and use the compass rose, grid, and symbols to locate places on maps
– Use written language to communicate directions
– Calculate, compare, and convert length, perimeter, and area
Key Features:
– Easily create and customize community maps
– 25 standards-aligned activities in social studies, math, and language arts
– Solve map mysteries using a compass for navigation
– 80 fun map symbols plus paint tools
– Learn challenging concepts such as grid coordinates, location, scale, and compass navigation
– Pre- and post-tests to assess students’ understanding
– On-screen notebook with audio recorder for students to describe their maps orally or in writing
– Add photos, sounds, and movies to any map symbol to personalize your maps
– Link directly to the internet from any symbol and publish interactive maps on the web
– Present maps with printouts, in a slideshow, or on the internet
– Create 3-D models of neighborhoods with paper cutouts of buildings
– Bilingual – switch easily between English and Spanish
System Requirements:
– Mac: PowerPC 66 MHz, 12 MB RAM, 256 colors; 800×600 resolution; Mac OS 8.6/9/X.1/X.2
– PC: Pentium 133 MHz, 32 MB RAM, 16 bit colors; 800×600 resolution; Windows OS 95/98/98SE/ME/2000/XPHome/XPPro

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