Net Viewer Lite Full Version Free Download For Windows 2024

Net Viewer Lite Full Version Free Download For Windows 2024

Net Viewer Lite
Surf Internet with Multitab Browser. Save Favorite Web Pages while you surf. Create Lists of Web Pages that can be played as a slide show. Import Internet Explorer Favorites ao they can be shared with other devices running Net Viewer Lite. Send and Receive EMail from your major EMail Accounts and view as Web Pages. Share EMail configurations, Bookmarks, and Lists with Net Viewer Lite running on other PCs and devices on the LAN or WiFi. Complete History with sort options. GMail support.

With the web browser Net Viewer Lite, you may start and manage as many tab web pages as you like for surfing. Switching between browser windows and adding web pages to Favorites and New Favorite Lists is a simple process. Net Viewer Lite-enabled PCs and Android devices may share favorites. Make lists of web pages that can be presented as a slide presentation. From each of your email accounts, send and receive emails. Favorites may be exported and imported to other devices. Every Web Page Tab’s browsing history is automatically saved individually and is simple to add to favorites. Customize the text style and styles. Added capability to share bookmarks across a local area network and convert favorites to bookmarks. support for GMail.

About Net Viewer Lite:

Net Viewer Lite Mobile is a free program available in the Network & Internet category of programs under Browsers.

The English version of this browser application is accessible. The most recent update occurred on March 27, 2024. The following operating systems are compatible with Net Viewer Lite Mobile: Android.Accessory Software is the firm behind Net Viewer Lite Mobile development. Its creator has only published version 10 thus far. This version has an average rating of 2.5 based on 1 user’s rating on our website.

The file size of the Net Viewer Lite Mobile download that we provide is 20.97 MB. To begin the downloading process, simply click the green “Download” button above. Since December 15, 2018, the software has been available for download on our website 110 times. Although we have previously verified that the download link is secure, we nevertheless advise you to run an antivirus scan on the downloaded program for your own peace of mind. If the download link is broken, your antivirus program can identify Net Viewer Lite Mobile as malicious software.

How to install Net Viewer Lite Mobile on your Windows device:

  1. Visit our website and select the “Download” option. This will initiate the download from the developer’s website.
  2. Click on Net Viewer Lite Mobile to begin the setup procedure when it has downloaded (assuming you are on a desktop computer).
  3. Once the installation is complete, the software ought to be visible and functional.


Version 7.0: GMail support. History sort options.

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