PayPal Button Creator 2012 Basic HTML

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PayPal Button Creator 2012 Basic HTML

By Beaver Valley Software

What it does: Do you run an online store that uses PayPal to process payments? Then you have come to the right place. We have the PayPal Button Creator in several different editions. With it you can quickly make buttons for your website quickly and easily. And since everything is on your computer you can quickly edit the information you put in and it remains secure and reachable even if your internet goes down.

Makes Basic Buttons: PayPal Button Creator Basic HTML Edition allows you to make basic HTML PayPal Buttons. This is for the hobbyist who only wants the bare minimum options for their site. It gives you the ability to set up buttons that include:â?¢the Product Name, â?¢Product ID, â?¢Price.

Business Information: With the program, you can setup the information for your site as well. Basic allows you to set: â?¢the ability to add your email â?¢payment url â?¢whether or not to post data to your payment url â?¢an IPN url â?¢a cancel url â?¢what you want on your continue button.

Different Policies You can also set up different policies for your website: â?¢whether paypal should collect addresses, â?¢allow a note to you, â?¢if someone can purchase more than one item.

Three Types of Buttons: With the basic edition, you can make three types of buttons: Buy Now, Cart, and Donation buttons.

Easy to Create Buttons: The PayPal Button Creator Basic HTML program will make regular HTML buttons for you to paste into your website’s HTML. It is easy to use and gives you multiple ways to add the information. You can do it quickly on the overview tab or you can use the individual tabs which give more information on what PayPal is looking for.

Make View Carts: In addition. you can set up View Carts too for when you use the PayPal Cart system with just your email address and choosing which button to use.

PayPal Flash Button Creator Description

Chances are you’ve heard how easy it is to look at the source code of a webpage and see the PayPal information. So you want to find a way to hide the information. Besides using PayPal’s IPN, putting the code inside a Flash movie is probably the best way to keep your information secure.
PayPal Flash Button Creator will allow users to easily create PayPal buttons. There are no separate text files for your Flash button. The information is embedded inside the Flash movie which makes it more secure than using a regular PayPal button.
It comes with 38 different images that you can use as your buttons. In addition, you can use a custom image that you create.
You can create any type of Flash PayPal Button! It can be a cart, single item, donation or subscriptions Flash Button. In addition, you can save each button on your hard drive so can create another button for the same item if desired. Or if you only have a slight change to make to your button. Our .ppb file format is compatible with our other PayPal programs so if you decide to upgrade from our other products, you can use the same files.

PayPal Button Creator XHTML Pro Description

PayPal Button Creator XHTML Pro is a handy and reliable application that you can use to create your own PayPal button and include it on your website.
The application is very easy to use, enabling you to generate advanced XHTML PayPal buttons. The color of the order page can be customized to match your website’s style. You can place a logo on the PayPal order page and set up different policies for your website (PayPal collects addresses or not, send you a note when a purchase is made etc.).
Main features:

    • Generate Buy Now, Cart, Subscription and Donation buttons
    • Make regular HTML buttons for you to paste into your website’s XHTML
    • Customize order page appearance
    • Set IPN url in each button
    • Edit PayPal buttons offline
  • Easy to use

HTML Form Basics for PayPal Payments Standard

DOCSLEGACYLast updated: October 13th 2021, @ 6:58:00 am


This chapter describes in technical terms the basic functionality of PayPal Payments Standard and its use of HTML Forms. Use the information in this chapter as a guide to writing the HTML code yourself for PayPal Payments Standard payment buttons. A wide variety of HTML authoring tools exist. This guide does not describe all the possibilities.

People who pay you through PayPal Payments Standard interact with HTML forms and hidden HTML input variables that you place on your website. When someone clicks a payment button in an HTML form on a webpage, the form submits the variables and their values to PayPal. You set the values of the variables to produce the desired effect, such as invoking the Buy Now, the Donate, the Subscribe, or the PayPal Shopping Cart checkout experience and various other PayPal features.

Are you looking to add a PayPal donate button on your WordPress site?

PayPal makes it super-easy to accept donations on your website. It is convenient, cost-effective, secure, and already used by millions of users around the world.

In this article, we will show you how to easily add a PayPal donate button on your WordPress site.

PayPal Shop Maker is a handy software solution designed to provide you with the means of creating your own online PayPal shop. Using it doesn’t require you to be a web developer or designer, although it would come in handy if you have some JavaScript or HTML knowledge.

User-friendly layout and powerful features

The interface is pretty intuitive and straightforward allowing to create new projects or if you are doing this for the first time, it provides you with a sample project which you can follow.

The working PSP file is a XML document that contains all your settings and database information needed to create your PayPal shop. Even though you are limited to work with XML files, you are allowed to open a project file in any text editor. Also you can save your newly created PayPal project as a ZIP archive, thus saving hard disk or flash drive space.

If you have worked with Microsoft Access, then you are more than capable of directly modifying product information stored in the database. Thus, you have control over the contents of your project and you can import product information from other sources such as Excel. More importantly, you have to keep in mind that the slightest change in the database structure can prevent you or others from being able to properly open the database, so it is recommended not to meddle with its design. As a safety measure, you can backup the database before making any changes.

Wide set of customization tools

PayPal Shop Maker allows you to edit CSS or JavaScript code, change the company logo and footer text as you like, set the preferred currency or decimal symbol. Furthermore, it saves precious time by allowing you to simultaneously update numerous products with the help of the multi-update feature. You can also take advantage of the built-in tax, discount and shipping charge calculator.


All in all, PayPal Shop Maker is a powerful program that helps you promote and sell your products online by credit card through PayPal. The application runs on low to moderate CPU and RAM resources, and during installation we did not encounter any problems.

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