Photo-Reactor (32-bit)

Photo-Reactor (32-bit)

Photo-Reactor (32-bit)

Developer’s Description

By Mediachance
Photo-Reactor is an optimized dynamic image editor and effect processor effects. You can use factory effects: image segmentations, paint effects, diffusion, anisotropic morphing, Light Studio, and QR Code. Click on any effect will show how the image processing at that stage and you can easily trace the idea of the effect object by object. Features include you can re-create project from Adobe Photoshop PSD layered files, can call other software such as Adobe Photoshop to do part of the work and automatically update the process when needed, you can fully encapsulate the whole idea into a single object where you easily set up what parameters can be edited after creating effects, you can create and wrap new effects like a brand new effect, and share effects with other people

All the standard image editing applications are stuck with the work-flow defined in the last century.

They are static by design: Apply one step after another and pile layers on top of more layers. Step by step.

The problem starts as soon as you want to go back and change effect or settings that you did many steps ago.

If you like to create new original effects and experiment with image processing you need to be able to change absolutely everything at any time and see the effect of your changes immediately.

Photo Reactor is exactly that. A completely new way of dynamic photo editing with truly parallel processing flow where you can change anything at any time.

  • you have a fully dynamic software where time and sequence of steps are a non-issue?
  • you can have unlimited layers and effects that also go sideways, not just one on top of another?
  • every single effect or adjustment can be re-adjusted at any time without going back?
  • you can wrap effects and steps into new super-effect, add your own controls and then use them as just any other single effect?
  • you can instantly apply all the effects to other images with a single click?
  • you can apply everything you did to folders full of images without creating “macro”
  • the output image can be used to process other images?

Photo Reactor Windows 11 App – Block Photo Effect editor with unlimited possibilities. Now, Mediachance has release this Photo Editor software for PC. Get the latest version of Photo Reactor for free.

Photo Reactor Features

  • Photo Reactor Simple & Fast Download!
  • Works with All Windows (64/32 bit) versions!
  • Photo Reactor Latest Version!
  • Fully compatible with Windows 10



Mediachance Photo-Reactor apps download for PC. Its full offline installer standalone setup of Mediachance Photo-Reactor for Windows 32 bit 64 bit PC.

Mediachance Photo-Reactor Overview

PhotoReactor free software download is a handy and reliable software that helps you to enhance your favorite pictures with various effects.

Photo-Reactor is best computer programs can highly optimized dynamic image editor and effect processor that helps you to create stunning effects and apply them to multiple pictures. It enables you to create, build and adjust effects such as brightness, saturation or contrast.

Features of Photo-Reactor

In a Nutshell:
• A software that can truly create new image effects and processes
• Very visual
• Highly optimized, fast software for both 32 and 64-bit Windows platforms
• Self-Documenting Flow
• Versatile, any type of effects is possible from brilliantly adjusted photos to painting and graphics
• Easy way to share new effects
• Scriptable with high level language
• Loads and re-interprets Adobe Photoshop *.PSD files with layers
• Call other graphic applications from within the interface
• Extendable with SDK and plug-ins (such as QR Code Generator plug-in)

Extremely powerful
• Once you start working with the software you will discover its huge power that lies in the logic of nodal editing and the simplification of effects.
• It does look different at first sight, but in a short time things become very logical and you will realize how the old way of image editing is incredibly limited.

Grows with you but doesn’t get old
• You can use what you need and then slowly keep discovering new things as you progress. The software doesn’t require you to learn everything right away. You can walk before you run.

Share and learn
• You probably tried to repeat some effects from books or online tutorials where you had to follow many pages of step-by-steps.
• That is all in the past. With Photo-Reactor the effect flow is self explanatory, it is not obfuscated in a pile of layers with multitude of mystery effects applied in completely unknown sequence.

Easy to Follow
• It is very easy to follow how some advanced effects work. A simple click on any effect will show how the image processing at that stage and you can easily trace the idea of the effect object by object.

Import Adobe Photoshop projects
• Another unexpected feature is that you can actually re-create project from Adobe Photoshop PSD layered files. That is right, just import PSD file and the layers will turn into a Photo-Reactor flow.

Scripting for the adventurous types
• The training wheels are off! A full high level c++ syntax language is build directly in the software. The fast language supports polymorphism, inheritance or multidimensional arrays among other things. You have no idea what this all means? No problem, the scripting is completely optional.

Extendable by third parties
• We created a very easy to use SDK, but even more importantly the software itself can generate the source code project for its plug-in where you set up everything visually and then fill-up the blanks with your image processing. The interface, the sliders and data serialization is all done for you.

Add a new dimension to your creative tool-box
• Designer professionals, home users or educational institution can appreciate the new creative dimension that Photo-Reactor opens.

Plays nice with others
• Photo-Reactor can call other software such as Adobe Photoshop to do part of the work and automatically update the process when needed.

Mediachance PhotoReactorThe name is one of the most appealing and interesting applications for editing photos with the ability to incorporate various effects, which we have seen more like in mobile phones. The superb performance of this software will be more functional and exciting in converting ordinary photos into super-quality images with attractive effects. The graphical interface of the software seems to be complicated, but makes it much easier to access the menus. That the user can easily access all the options that are needed in the fastest possible time is one of the key features of this program. High-quality storage, synchronization with common formats for images, use of new technologies and methods for editing images, the ability to synchronize and use a separate plug-in for Photoshop, and dozens of other features, including the key features of the Mediachance PhotoReactor program. Are considered.

Mediachance Photo-Reactor is the processing effect and processing effect of animations, highly optimized for all Windows platforms 32 and 64 bit. This is a tool extremely powerful. When you start working with the software, you will discover the tremendous power of it lies in the logic edit button and simplify the effect.

The features of Mediachance Photo-Reactor

  • A software can actually create the effect and process new images
  • Very intuitive
  • Software fast, highly optimized for all Windows platforms 32 and 64 bit
  • Flow note
  • Versatile, any type of effects are possible from the images is adjustable, great for drawing and graphics
  • Easy way to share new effects
  • Can write high-level language
  • Download and reinterpret the file Adobe Photoshop .PSD with layers
  • Call the application other graphics from within interface
  • Can expand the SDK and plug-ins (such as QR code generator plug-in added)

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