Promcis Netflow Collector

Promcis Netflow Collector

Promcis Netflow Collector

Developer’s Description

By Promcis

Powerful tool to collect, view and analyze real-time Netflow data. Neflow Version 5, Version 9 are supported. Network problem sensors: Including Port scanner, Interface silence sensor. Alert system via SMTP with Dial-Up support. Real-time View: Bandwidth peaks, Average bandwidth usage, Interface traffic, Ranked traffic usage by application protocols, Top conversations, etc


Netflow Collector can control enterprise networks, a Windows service based Netflow collector.Netflow Collector Features:
1. Netflow collector Windows service.
2. Real-Time Netflow monitor
3. Netflow v5, v9 are supported
4. Failover database logging
5. Advanced reports with export features
6. Network problem detectors
7. Alert system via SMTP with Dial-Up support
8. Optional RAS service control modulePlease Note: The Beta version expires on April 1st, 2011.Requirements:
* NET. Framework
* MS SQL server
* Netflow compatible device

Windows service based Netflow collector

Netflow Collector is a powerful and reliable solution designed to control enterprise networks.

The benefits of Netflow Collector:

· Real-time summarized and filtered netflow view · Network problem detectors with alert system · Analysis historycal traffic data with rich reporting

System requirements

  • MS SQL server
  • Netflow compatible device

Limitations in the unregistered version

  • one month trialPromcis NF Monitor is a program that can view and analyze your data netflow.
    It includes a Collector that can collect Netflow packets to MSSQL databases. It can also detect failovers in DB functions. It can also detect network problems, scan ports, detect an interface silence. You can configure the program to send you alerts via SMTP, even with dial-up support. The program can monitor the bandwidth peaks and average usage, the inbound and outbound traffic and the traffic used by application protocols.This program supports the use of Netflow 5 or 9. NetFlow is a network protocol created by Cisco Systems that collects IP traffic information. Besides Cisco, it is supported by other platforms, as IOS and NXOS, and Juniper routers, Enterasys Switches, Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD.

    In order to start using the program after installing it, you should click on the “Configuration” tab, and add a receiver to the port that is actually receiving the Netflow traffic. In this same window you can add Alert Channels. This way you will be warned if something bad occurs with the data flow.

    This program is free because it is a beta version. After June 1, they plan to launch the 1.0 version, that will not be free.

    Netflow Collector is a powerful and reliable solution designed to control enterprise networks.

    · Real-time summarized and filtered netflow view

    · Network problem detectors with alert system

    Netflow Collector previous crack versions:

    Netflow Collector is a powҽrful and rҽliablҽ solution dҽsignҽd to control ҽntҽrprisҽ nҽtworқs.

    · Rҽal-timҽ summarizҽd and filtҽrҽd nҽtflow viҽw

    · Nҽtworқ problҽm dҽtҽctors with alҽrt systҽm

    · Analysis historycal traffic data with rich rҽporting

    Collect network traffic with a NetFlow collector

    SolarWinds® NetFlow Traffic Analyzer (NTA) uses flow-based monitoring to collect and analyze flow data from multiple Cisco vendors, including NetFlow v5 and v9, Juniper J-Flow, sFlow, Huawei NetStream, and IPFIX. NTA’s flow navigator can allow you to create and access personalized network traffic views, while the reporting system enables you to create in-depth network traffic reports and schedule automatic weekly delivery to your team with a few clicks.

    Correlate NetFlow collector data and unveil traffic patterns with cross-stack metrics

    Whether examining network interface utilization, application performance counters, VM host memory utilization, database wait metrics, or storage IOPS, the available SolarWinds Perfstack™ feature gives you the ability to compare these data types alongside NetFlow analytics from NTA. You can use the PerfStack dashboard for easier performance analysis and to accelerate the identification of root causes by dragging and dropping network performance metrics on a common timeline for immediate visual correlation across your network data.

    Easily analyze NetFlow collector data

    NTA is a network collector designed to gather flow data from your full range of networked devices, which can then be more easily analyzed for deeper insights. In the dashboard, you can quickly drill down, filter, and navigate through granular analytics—for everything from which applications and users are hogging the most bandwidth to system-wide traffic patterns.

    Pinpoint the cause of network bottlenecks

    NetFlow capture tools help you evaluate bandwidth usage by application, so you can discover which specific users and applications are responsible for consuming the most bandwidth and creating bottlenecks. You can adjust your alerts in NTA to target specific top talkers on your network, and you can use this information to minimize the impact of their usage over time.

    NTA is built to allow you to track application traffic arriving from designated ports, source IPs, and destination IPs, and even analyze network protocols. Understanding bandwidth usage by assigning IP groups, which can allow you to better characterize and analyze NetFlow data received.

    Get More on NetFlow Collector
    Do you find yourself asking…
    • What is a NetFlow collector?
    • How does a NetFlow collector work?
    • Why is a NetFlow collector important?
    • How does NetFlow collection work in NTA?
    • Which vendors can NTA collect data from?
      • What is a NetFlow collector?

        NetFlow is a protocol developed by Cisco Systems used to record statistical, infrastructure, routing, and other information about traffic flows passing through a NetFlow-enabled router or switch. A NetFlow collector is part of a flow monitoring system designed to receive, process, and store IP traffic data packets from these network devices.

        Once the data has been properly formatted, NetFlow collectors forward the data to another application for analysis. Analyzing NetFlow data can reveal valuable insights into infrastructure, routing, and performance, but requires three primary tools, one of which is a flow collector. These tools are:

        1. NetFlow exporter: A NetFlow-enabled device generating flow records containing information about IP traffic and exports these flow records to a flow collector
        2. NetFlow collector: Receives flow records from the various exporters, then processes and stores the data for analysis
        3. NetFlow analyzer: Translates flow data into charts, graphs, tables, and other visualizations providing an at-a-glance understanding of network status and performance

        In distributed or high-traffic networked environments, flow collectors can be likewise distributed for more comprehensive data collection, but each of the collectors will need to be configured to send the data to a centralized server for analysis.


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