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QuickOpener is a windows utility that find and open files and folders quickly. Usually, the user will spend much time to find and open a file or a folder, and will spend the same time next time. Is there any way to find and open the same files or folders quickly every time? One usual way is to create a shortcut to the desktop, but it is not convenient, and the desktop will be muddled and crowded, you have to spend more time to cleanup the desktop regularly. QuickOpener will help you to solve the problem. QuickOpener allow the user add the files or folders to the list, and will keep them next time, even you close or restart the PC. The user only need to drag the files to the QuickOpener once, then he will be able to find the files in the software any time, not need to search them any more. Now just double click the file to open it. One more function, the QuickOpener provides a suspended window on the desktop. The user can switch the main interface to suspended window conveniently, then he will be able to add a file at any time. All the added files in the list will be sorted automatically, so the user will be able to find the needed file in the list quickly. In fact, the user also be able to remove the files that not needed any moreQuickViewer is a portable image viewer which shows and navigates pictures with the maximum possible speed.

Supported formats include JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, TGA, ICO, WEBP, DDS and assorted RAW types.

The program can read archives directly, including ZIP, 7Z and RAR. There’s also support for reading the comic book archives CBR and CBZ, as well as a spread viewing feature (two images at once) for the best comic-reading experience.

There are simple zoom and rotate tools, you can copy images to the clipboard, send them by email or dispatch them to the Recycle Bin.

Navigation tools include Forward/ Back, fast forward and back (jump ten images instead of one), and First/ Last. You can also display a very basic folder tree to help you move from one folder to another.

Apparently the program can create Catalogs of many thousands of images, and search them with auto-generated tags. But when we tried this the program repeatedly added multiple copies of the same images, making it less than useful. Maybe you’ll be luckier.

QuickViewer does deliver in the performance department, thanks to optimisations like reading images ahead of time and making smart use of OpenGL. We tried browsing a folder of 385 images at full screen using three viewers. The regular Windows Photos app took 98 seconds to navigate the full set; IrfanView cut this to 32 seconds, but QuickViewer came top in only 17 seconds.

What’s new in 1.1.8 (see release notes for more)?

‘Lanczos 4 interpolation by CPU’ became the original performance
add a menu ‘Hide the mouse cursor on fullscreen’
When each dialog is displayed, the toggle of the closing button is enabled
on issue #81 reported by @Taranchuk
use specific action roles instead of text heuristic roles
pull request by @pazos
Use standard CFBundleName without version
pull request by @pazos
hide menubar icons on mac
pull request by @pazos
fix for file chooser filter
pull request by @pazos
bugfixed: When there was no image in the folder opened by FolderView, it was illegally terminated

QuickViewer is a powerful, reliable and feature-packed graphic image viewer which enables you to easily and quickly browse through large numbers of images. The program is able to read the image data in advance. The imported image data will be loaded on the screen with OpenGL. The program lets you browse through your image files in a simple. fast and comfortable manner.

QuickViewer allows you to easily navigate through your image using your arrow keys, mouse button, or mouse wheel. A Full Screen mode can be accessed by pressing the F11 key. The application allows you to view two images simultaneously, side by side. The program will also fit your images to the window size. In addition, you have the possibility to view the EXIF information contained in your images.

QuickViewer is a free application and is distributed under the GPLv3 license.


  • The application allows you to view two images side by side.
  • The program lets you view EXIF information.

We all have photos or images that we want to browse through. However, this is sometimes a huge hassle. This goes for professional photographs that you make money from. It also includes personal photos that you just want to have of your friends, vacation, or family. No matter what kind of images you are trying to browse, you need a good application.

Simplified and Improved

One of the things about QuickViewer that we found when reviewing this piece of incredible software is that it offers you a number of features without being complicated. A lot of image software out there will want to cram in various features that you just don’t need when editing or viewing an image.

Windows computers just don’t come with a very good picture viewer by default. Therefore, you have to resort to having these photo viewers that all seem to want to be complicated. Well, this application has provided a very streamlined and simple interface. You won’t need to worry about messing with a lot of configuration settings. In fact, we didn’t even have to refer to a manual even once during our review of this software.

Folders and Archives are a Breeze

Want to work with various folders or archives? It’s simple with QuickViewer. First of all, we need to inform you that the app is portable. It will show you a variety of archives and work with file formats that make it easy to use. Just tell it what window you want to go to, and your folder will be there ready for you. Now, if there is other content, it will help you out. It will ignore the other content so you can keep browsing the photos.

Navigation is Simple

One of the main things that you will immediately notice about this application is how easy it is to navigate it. You can explore any images that you might want. Then, there are different approaches that you actually can take. It will make you much more productive, and therefore, you can handle anything that is thrown at you.

The most common option that you are likely to use is the zooming feature. You can go in or out in terms of how zoomed in it is. You will be able to see the photos in two different panels as well. This is quite useful if you find yourself going into full-screen mode.

Efficient Features

This offers a number of features while still being an application that doesn’t take up a lot of space. It looks nice without having too much going on.


In the end, QuickViewer is something that can help you view photos in a streamlined way. It is quick, easy, and lightweight. It’s no wonder that we were hearing things about this software before we even decided to review it. When you need to view your photos on your PC, you will love using this tool. It makes things so simple, and it’s clear that the developers really wanted to achieve a great user experience.

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