Round Management System

Round Management System

Round Management System

Developer’s Description

By Snowdream Software

Round Management System will take the hassle out of creating and updating your work schedule – no matter how complex it may be. Round Management System knows exactly when your work is due, so you no longer need to spend time with your diary working it out yourself. You will be able to re-schedule or skip any jobs you select at the click of a button. Completed jobs are updated just as easily, automatically calculating the next due dates. This version is the first release on CNET

Round Management System 1.0.0 Description:

Round Management System is an application which allows users to manage their work schedule – no matter how complex it may be.

Let Round Management System calculate when your work is due and print out a list so you can quickly see what work you have to do on any given day.

Round Management System 1.0.0 Features:

Job Scheduling:
· Extremely quick way of scheduling and re-scheduling jobs.

Backup & Restore:
· Never worry about losing your data – quickly create backups to safeguard your important information.

· Restore previous backups with a couple of mouse clicks.

· Interactive reports means you see exactly the information you need.

· Keep track of your expenses and produce a report.

· Create invoices with our unique “drag ‘n’ drop” system.


Round Management System 1.0.0 Requirements:

· .NET Framework 3.5


Round Management System 1.0.0 Limitations:

· 35 days trial


InventoryPlus is a business and productivity software that helps entrepreneurs manage their operations. It is capable of keeping tabs on finances, supplies, billing, and even manpower. A powerful business management software is, its coverage will allow business owners to track the overall performance and progress of their business.

Never run out of stock

InventoryPlus is capable of a lot of things, so rest assured that it has got you covered with most of what you can possibly forget when the stress of business management finally gets to you. For starters, one of its 16 key features is the Manage Accounts ledger and stock book, which will help you keep track of your accounting ledger database as well as all transactions made. This means InventoryPlus will be able to provide insights on your finances as well as your product history to make it easier to check how many products you have left in stock, how many are sold, and if there is already a need to re-supply.

Working hand in hand with the Manage Accounts ledger and stock book feature are Manage Items Stock and Bulk Stock Items, both also meant for keeping track of your product inventory. Manage Items Stock will let you check the expiry date of your products while Bulk Stock Items will help you with importing a large bulk of items to stock.

Keep your data with you

Everything InventoryPlus has in its keeping is accessible to its users at all times since its business database and operations are portable. Business owners can bring and use this software with the use of a flash drive with at least 64 MB storage. In addition to that, it allows multiple-user access, which is helpful, especially for co-owned businesses. Of course, it also has taken measures that your data is automatically backed-up and safe when something unfortunate or unexpected happens.

Give excellent customer service

InventoryPlus’ scope extends to helping you deliver quality customer service to your clients in a number of ways. First, the software can assist you with the billing as it is able to send either SMS or emails to your customers. In addition to that, it supports multiple currencies billing by automatically converting the primary value to the alternate billing amount.

When it comes to product sales, there is the Custom Price Scheme where InventoryPlus’ system can set up different price schemes for different clients. This will allow you to cater to all kinds of consumers.

A business must-have

It is very easy to operate InventoryPlus. With how busy you are with running your business, the software makes sure that instead of getting in the way it will be able to make your entrepreneur lifestyle simpler and convenient. From internal operations to customer support, InventoryPlus is a management tool that you can rely on.

Author’s review


  • Portable

  • Issue billing statements

  • Automatically backs up data

  • Multiple user access


  • Not beginner friendly

Packed full of features…

PaperRound is really simple to use, whilst offering a very rich set of features

Great Value

Really easy to learn & use

Fully supported

Runs on web connected computers & tablets

Pay as you go by monthly direct debit

Suitable for news delivery to 50 to 5000 locations

Save Time

Automatic publication price updates

Automatic application of stops & starts to rounds sheets & bills

Automatic voucher handling

Automatic billing option

Automatic collection of electronic delivery notes from Smiths News & Menzies

Improve Customer Service

Quickly answer queries with 6 month history

Clear accurate bills

Statements on demand

Immediate copy of old bills


Choice of 3 versions to match requirements

EPOS integration

Head office system

Customisation service

Data transfer service

Go Paperless

Always at your own pace

Email bills

Web access for customers to their account

Online customer payment using Stripe

Direct debit

Android & iOS delivery app

Download Full Features List

Check the full feature list to choose the most suitable PaperRound version




Data is the cornerstone of any modern software application, and databases are the most common way to store and manage data used by applications.

With the explosion of web and cloud technologies, databases have evolved from traditional relational databases to more advanced types of databases such as NoSQL, columnar, key-value, hierarchical, and distributed databases. Each type has the ability to handle structured, semi-structured, and even unstructured data.

On top of that, databases are continuously handling mission-critical and sensitive data. When this is coupled with compliance requirements and the distributed nature of most data sets, managing databases has become highly complex. As a result, organizations require robust, secure, and user-friendly tools to maintain these databases.

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