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Simple and beautiful contacts manager for windows with maps, tag cloud and search as you type. Find contacts easily with the most powerful search in the world. Search as you type. Display a map of your contact address. Show the map inside application or in a browser window. Organize your contacts with tags (tag cloud). Add as many rich text notes to any contact as you like. Add pictures to your contacts. Print all contact data, images, addresses, emails. Add as many prone numbers, addresses, emails, websites per contact as you need

SAM Downloads

The current version of SAM is SAM 2021.12.02 Revision 1, SSC 268. Use the Download buttons below to download the current version for Windows, Mac, or Linux.

When you first run SAM, you will need to register SAM: Type your email address and, if you are new to SAM, click Register to receive a free software key, or paste your existing key and click Confirm to confirm your existing key. (If you lost your key, either copy it from the Registration page of an older version of SAM, or click Confirm without typing a key to have it automatically emailed to you.)

If you have an older version of SAM on your computer, when you install the new version, it will install side-by-side with older verions(s). Different versions of SAM are independent of each other, so you can install and run different versions simultaneously for comparisons. You can remove (uninstall) older versions of SAM when you are finished using them.

If you need to download an older version of SAM, use the list list at left to find the version you need.

SAM’s data viewer displays hourly and subhourly time series data in graphs and tables and is available for download as a standalone desktop application for Windows.• If you are unable to download through the Google Play Store, please follow the instructions below.
– Please reboot a phone and go to Settings → Apps → Google Play Store → Clear cache and data → Then, try to download again.▣ Smart Switch gives you the freedom to move your contacts, music, photos, calendar, text messages, device settings and more to your new Galaxy device. Plus, Smart Switch™ helps you find your favorite apps or suggest similar ones on Google Play™.

▣ Who can transfer?
• Android™ owners
– Wireless transfer: Android 4.0 or higher
– Wireless transfers from a compatible Android device to Galaxy device: Android 4.0 or higher (Note that non-Samsung devices with Android versions lower than 6.0 can only connect with Galaxy devices that support a mobile AP.)
– Wired transfer: Android 4.3 or higher, charger cable, and a USB connector

• iOS™ owners – use the option that’s best for you:
– Wired transfer from your iOS device to your Galaxy: iOS 5.0 or above, iOS device cable (lightning or 30 pin), and a USB connector
– Import from iCloud™: iOS 4.2.1 or higher and Apple ID
– PC/Mac transfer using iTunes™: Smart Switch PC/Mac software – Get started

• Windows™ Mobile owners
– Wireless transfers: Windows OS 10
* Note: For more information and step-by-step directions, go to

▣ What can be transferred?
– Contacts, calendar(Device content only), messages, photos, music (DRM free content only, Not supported for iCloud), videos (DRM free content only), call logs, memos, alarms, Wi-Fi, wallpapers, documents, app data (Galaxy devices only), home layouts (Galaxy devices only)
– You can send app data and home layouts by upgrading your Galaxy device to M OS (Galaxy S6 or higher).

▣ Which devices are supported?
• Galaxy: Recent Galaxy mobile devices and tablets (From Galaxy S2)
* Note: For Galaxy S2, old OS (GB/ICS) version can cause incompatibility. If your S2 does not work properly, please try after firmware update.

• Other Android devices:
– HTC, LG, Sony, Huawei, Lenovo, Motorola, PANTECH, Panasonic, Kyocera, NEC, SHARP, Fujitsu, Xiaomi, Vivo, OPPO, Coolpad(DazenF2), RIM(Priv), YotaPhone, ZTE(Nubia Z9), Gionee, LAVA, MyPhone(My28s), Cherry Mobile, Google(Pixel/Pixel2)

Easily transfer files to your Samsung device

Samsung Smart Switch is an easy-to-use application that lets users transfer files to their new Samsung device. Designed for Windows (11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7), the software supports backup creation and lets users update their phones to the latest version. With its help, you can transfer files from your PC to any Galaxy series or Note series devices.

What is Smart Switch?

Samsung Smart Switch app download helps you transfer files, images, music, and other important data from your old device to your new Galaxy S or Note series smartphone. The application works even if you don’t own a Samsung handset. You can, in fact, complete transfers using a USB cable or Wi-Fi. You can also use your computer to transfer data to your Samsung device.

When transferring files using your internet connection, you will require the Smart Switch Samsung app. However, if you’re using a USB cable, downloading the app isn’t mandatory. That said, the app makes it easy to transfer contacts, pictures, videos, calendar events, notes data, and your phone apps, directly to your new phone. Once the transfer is complete, the layout of your new handset will mirror the display of your old phone.

Is Samsung Smart Switch easy-to-use?

When you download Smart Switch on your Windows device, you get access to a clean and simple interface. The program gives users with an easy-to-use migration software, making switching phones a hassle-free experience. Once installed, all you need is a stable internet connection, and you’ll be able to transfer all the files stored on your PC to your new Samsung phone.

What features does the Samsung Smart Switch offer?

Samsung Smart Switch download gives users an easy-to-use platform via which they can transfer messages, music, videos, photos, and even apps.

Apart from these functions, you can use the tool to create backup files, upgrade your phone to the latest version, and replicate your old phone’s display on your new device. The app is also a great addition for Windows users who own a Samsung handset.

Create backups of your important files

When you download Samsung Smart Switch on your Windows PC, creating a backup of all the content stored on your Samsung phone is possible.

If you lose all your data, you can easily use the backup file to restore content. Once the backup is complete, the program displays a breakdown of all the files that have been saved. From here, you can pick and choose the files that you want on your phone.

Update your phone to the latest version

Another feature offered by Samsung Smart Switch is the option to upgrade your device to the latest version. For that to happen, you need to open the application on your Windows device and connect it to your phone. Once connected, the app will scan for any available updates. If it finds one, you will see a pop-up informing you that your phone is updating to the latest version.

Does Samsung Smart Switch transfer apps?

The Samsung Smart Switch does let you transfer all your favorite applications from your old device to the new one.

You can use the Samsung Smart Switch app to first create a backup of all your old files, including all the apps installed, and then transfer everything to your new phone. As soon as the transfer is complete, you’ll be able to access all your apps, just as you did on the other device.

How do I use the Samsung Smart Switch?

To begin a transfer using Samsung Smart Switch, you need to connect all devices involved in the transfer to the app. Users will also need Wi-Fi or a USB cable to assist in transferring the files. After you make sure that all devices are connected, you can click the transfer icon available on the screen to move files to the desired location.

Still using Kies or other mobile phone data backup tool when you want to copy contacts from Samsung phone to computer for backup or transfer to another phone? You can break that habit now. Because your phone maker allows you to do it all on your phone without any third party app or any desktop software on the computer end. Backing up contacts and phone number on Samsung phone can be easily done on Samsung phone within the Contacts app or the built-in Backup app on Samsung phone. You can firstly create a backup of all contacts on Samsung phone, then connect up your phone to PC via USB and copy the contacts from Samsung phone to PC or Mac through USB.

Data loss can happen at any time due to a variety of reasons. Both a simple accidental deletion and irreparable physical damage can wipe out your files. That’s why need Samsung backup to pc software. Choosing an effective Samsung back up software must be your top priority.

In this post, we have rounded up excellent backup software that works with different Samsung devices. These include smartphones, tablets, smart camera, and external hard drives.

We have hand-picked these tools based on their effectiveness, compatibility, and user-friendliness. We have also provided a summary of the pros and cons of each program. Rest assured that this guide will help you decide which will work best with your Samsung device.

Samsung is definitely a world brand and you must have heard for them. Moreover, you have probably used or had the ability to at least see how a Samsung mobile phone works. They have an extensive list of mobiles they have released, and their Galaxy line is definitely among the most famous ones. The good news is that you can choose your Samsung phone in accordance with your budget, and there is a great number of options these smartphones offer you. One of the things you will definitely want to use is the Samsung PC suite.

Samsung PC Suite Software Download for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 – Samsung PC Suite Software is the official Phone Manager application made by Samsung for Samsung Android MIUI user that using Windows OS. The Samsung PC Suite offers several features, such as managing music, reading, and sending SMS directly from your PC desktop and installing/uninstalling APK applications on your device.

Before using PC Suite Software for Samsung, You need to Download Samsung ADB Driver first. If You need to upgrade, downgrade, or flashing stock ROM, you should Download the Samsung USB Drivers. Here, you can find the Samsung PC Suite software for Windows 7/8/10 with an appropriate installation guide. It is easy to download the PC Suite Software for Samsung, click on the “Download Link” below.

Samsung PC Suite Software is a bit advanced compared to other PC Suite. It allows you to manage your Samsung smartphone through a Windows computer easily. When the data on your Samsung smartphone becomes unmanageable, PC Suite Software for Samsung can be a real time saver. It’s made to facilitate the mobile lifestyle of Samsung smartphone users.

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