Sentry Vision

Sentry Vision

Sentry Vision

Sentry Vision is a free Windows based webcam security and surveillance program. Sentry Vision turns a webcam into a complete home security system. Set an alarm and alerts to turn on after you leave for work, and shut off before you get home. Turn on your system remotely from anywhere with your phone. View/control your camera online or on your smart phone (tested on IPhone and Droid).

It’s features include:

  • Motion detection.
  • Motion alerts (text msg and E-mail).
  • Motion audio alarm (3 alarms and 2 voice warnings).
  • Hidden mode.
  • Auto startup on Windows login.
  • Time stamp.
  • Multiple Camera support.
  • Lockup detection.
  • Saves recordings as AVI video files.
  • Webcam broadcast (View/Control your webcam online. Smart phone compatible).
  • Remote control with simple text msg or E-mail commands.
  • Scheduler to turn on/off Sentry Vision features at specified times.
Full Specifications


  • Lockup detection
  • Fixed timestamp
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Better process management

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