Shortcut Virus Fixer

Shortcut Virus Fixer

Shortcut Virus Fixer

Fix broken shortcuts and hidden folders and files on your USB drives. Are you suffering with this Shortcut Virus Problem on your USB storage device? The Shortcut Virus can make your folder and files were force hidden. Shortcut Virus Problem occurred because of a virus. So you may not easily recover your folders/files easily. There are many more tips and tricks available on internet. But most of them are difficult to use and not efficient also it is too boring to recover your folders/files on your USB. Here is the solution. A simple and secure data recovery method. It could recover all your data back. No shortcuts anymore and fix the hidden folders/files Every time when you insert your USB device, Shortcut Virus Fixer asking permission to scan your USB device. If you select “Not Now” option, it will not launch scanning process. If you select “Scan for Shortcut Virus”, it will launch the Shortcut Virus Fixer. And you have to select the USB drive letter. Then click the scan button. That’s it. And then all the broken shortcuts will show for your verification, simply click the “Delete Shortcuts” Button and click “Fix for Hidden Items” for clean and fix the hidden folders/files. Shortcut Virus Fixer is 100% Free Data Recovery Tool. No Payments, No Registration or Agreements. Shortcut Virus Fixer will never damage from virus attacks. Shortcut Virus Fixer not only for flash drive data recovery. Shortcut Virus Fixer is only for External USB devices.It can use any kind of external data recovery. But not for internal hard disk data recovery. Shortcut Virus Fixer is an emergency data recovery specialist. Shortcut Virus Fixer is only fix the broken shortcuts and hidden folders/files. It will not delete any virus on your USB. So you have to scan your USB Device after use this software. Shortcut Virus Fixer is traditional application. Because of that viruses will never attack to it. You can keep Shortcut Virus Fixer forever.

Full Specifications


Version 2.0:

  • Auto USB Detection
  • Scan & Fix Hard Disk Drive
  • Deep Scan your PC for Broken Shortcuts
  • All New Settings

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