Developer’s Description


Youtube Vanced is a familiar Android app for Modded app users. Formerly it was named as iYTBP – injected YouTube Background Playback by Master_T. He is a Senior contributor to XDA- Developer Forums. The idea behind the app is based on You Tube Background Playback xPosed module. He just only took all features of the Xposed module and injected into the original You Tube APK. If you have, then this is the reason. In that time Xposed for Nougat still in development stage and It took more than a year to be released. In that scenario, Master_T have decided to make the modified app which consisting the same features as like the Xposed Module. Finally, this iYTBP apk has arrived.It is the app which is based on You Tube App this lets you play the Videos without showing the Advertisements. Even this YouTube Vanced apk has many features which are not available on the Official App. Have you ever feel annoyed while watching the videos on You Tube because of advertisements which are coming suddenly in between the video. Yes, we do. from this you can get an amazing modified app that will help you to watch the videos or movies on You Tube without showing single advertisement. Even you can play the videos in the background and pinch it zoom.


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