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By MC Richter
With Mac-MoVe you can administer very easy and flexibly your complete model train collection. It is usable with either MacOS X or Windows. Several track gauges can be used. Besides a list of own trains, a wish list is available. All spare parts can be entered. A simple selection of the models (e.g. epoch) is possible.

The X and Y coordinates (in pixels) of the upper left corner of the target window’s new location, which can be expressions. The upper-left pixel of the screen is at 0, 0.

If these are the only parameters given with the command, the Last Found Window will be used as the target window.

Otherwise, X and/or Y can be omitted, in which case the current position is used.


If Width and Height are small (or negative), most windows with a title bar will generally go no smaller than 112 x 27 pixels (however, some types of windows may have a different minimum size). If Width and Height are large, most windows will go no larger than approximately 12 pixels beyond the dimensions of the desktop.

Negative values are allowed for the x and y coordinates to support multi-monitor systems and to allow a window to be moved entirely off screen.

Although WinMove cannot move minimized windows, it can move hidden windows if DetectHiddenWindows is on.

The speed of WinMove is affected by SetWinDelay.

Window titles and text are case sensitive. Hidden windows are not detected unless DetectHiddenWindows has been turned on


In order to manage your train collection, you need to have a sturdy database behind you that can store all the details of your train models. This can be done easily using Win-MoVe. The application allows you to store and register each train model from your collection, either on a server or in a local database.

Reliable database management tool with user-friendly interface

The program gives you the possibility to save each train model in a database, in order to manage your collection. You can enter each detail of your train model, such as class, dealer, era, railway, maker, place, rating and category. Aside from these general details, you can add several specific ones, such as decoder, painting, address, marshaling or track.

Additionally, you can insert history details in order to create a strong background for each train model. Maintenance details can be inserted, as well as general repairs or retrofits. Furthermore, you can add information about each spare part required for a repair or maintenance, thus helping you and others interested in your train collection to find out about each train model’s background history and revisions.

Detailed report generating utility based on database information

Win-MoVe can generate extensive reports about your collection by using the information stored in your database. This offers you the chance to plan your next acquisitions and sales.

You can generate reports about expenses, profits, prices, revision history, marshaling or spare parts. Each chart will give you a glimpse about the current status of your collection.

A reliable train model database manager and graph generator

Win-MoVe is a dependable software solution to managing your train collection. You can save details about each train model, regardless of the location of your database, as the application can synchronize information between your local database and a server-based one.

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