XLEAN Portable

XLEAN Portable

XLEAN Portable
XLEAN Portable is a software for the cleanup options.XLEAN offers of settlement of all current Windows, browser and office tracks ( the features ), many other fine adjustments. This allows you to define file masks, for example, by which XLEAN scans your hard drive and the tracked files in the same operation removed from the hard disk. You can delete custom folders and files to be adopted and numerous third-party applications ( through plug-function ). Furthermore, can you upgrade the program to some useful tools ( by using the Module ), such as an uninstall feature to uninstall unnecessary programs, or better still a function for your memory to optimize.


  • Added support for Firefox 19
  • Added support for Google Chrome 25
  • Optimized support for Opera 12:14
  • Download extensions optimized
  • New extension “DDownloads” (Windows App Store) added (in the Portable Edition of Xleaner also already integrated)
  • Optimized adjustment of uTorrent
  • Copyright adapted Info
  • Fixed several minor bugs

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