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Task force

By Jash Sayani

Task Force is a application for create multiple lists of projects and add tasks to each list. It stay on top of your tasks and projects. We can change priorities by re arranging your tasks so you can get the most important task done first. Task Force is ideal for everyone Students, Businesses and Event Planners. Event Planners can easily manage multiple events by adding them as lists and adding tasks inside each list to make sure all the preparations are done for the perfect eventMany Windows apps crash when you least expect it. But what if you could close them immediately? Introducing Task Force Quit Pro 2! This is a free utility that ends frozen tasks on Windows PC without using Task Manger.

Task Force Quit Publisher’s Description

Task ForceQuit 2 helps you optimize your CPU by quitting the apps that you no longer use. Many times you just need a little more memory to run a hefty game or an application. Task Force Quit 2 is an advanced task killer. It tells you what apps you can close without ending an important task. You can also view & force close Windows programs, that are quietly running in the background. This results in a muuuuch faster loading of games & software.

Unlike Windows Task Manger Task Force Quit 2 stays very minimalistic! Once launched, it gives you a quick overview of all the running apps. All you need to do is to simply select any of them and click Restart’ or Quit. The utility also remains in your system tray and you can force close any Windows program right there, simply by right-clicking on it.

Task Force Quit Pro 2 is now available for all Windows systems, including the latest Windows 10. It also features new easy-to-use user interface and can easily be launched with a shortcut (Cntrl+Shift+Q).

All things considered, Task ForceQuit Pro 2 is an easier, faster way to force quit on Windows. It optimizes your CPU and makes sure that your task management stays clear and transparent. Try it now!

The Difference is Lifetime!

PC Power Management solved in one go | No annual renewals | No reliance on future budgets | Save next year’s budget for next year’s projects!

How can TaskForceCO2 help your Organization?

TaskForceCO2 is a Network Computer Program designed to simplify and automate the shutting down of unused PCs, thereby saving their owners substantial amounts in cash and CO2 reductions.

You only have to look at the media to see how big an issue energy waste is, and a major source of this waste is from powering millions of PCs that no one is using.

If Computers are left on during the day, overnight or at weekends, they are wasting Electricity. The more PCs an Organization has the more the waste. It’s not a small amount either, it can easily exceed $32 a year for every PC on a Network.

When you work it out, a PC left on from 3pm until the following morning uses 18 hours of electricity. Add weekends and that’s a staggering 130 hours a week of wasted energy which equates to about $3.90 a week.

That’s a $200 burn through a year … and that’s just 1 PC!

With TaskForceCO2 installed, Organizations can stop this waste in its tracks and with full reports on average Financial and CO2 Savings it’s easy to see the point they reach a return on investment … it’s often in less than a couple of weeks!

Many organizations, for administrative or budget related issues, prefer an Unlimited License which is why we offer Ultimate Silver.

Our Ultimate Silver License lets an organization use it on any number of PCs at a single site on a Lifetime basis. It means you never have to account for the number of PCs you install TaskForceCO2 on.

Not only does it let you shut down an unlimited number of PCs but you never have to account for new or retiring PCs either. There are literally no restrictions on numbers.

Ultimate Silver brings down the cost of power management to a fraction of a cent per PC and with a Lifetime License, there are no annual renewals or ongoing costs to pay which means next year’s budget is free for next year’s projects!

With features like visual shutdown warnings and the ability to repeat a shutdown event if a PC is switched back on again, it means you are sure to save much more than with conventional methods and the good news is, you go on saving for life!

The best license deal in the business. Not having to renew your license annually leaves your budget untouched for next year’s projects!

Task Force Quit 2


By Softorino

Task ForceQuit 2 helps you optimize your CPU by quitting the apps that you no longer use. It tells you what apps you can close without ending an important task. You can also view & force close Windows programs, that are quietly running in the background. This results in a much faster loading of games & software.

More about Task Force Quit 2

The setup package of Task Force Quit 2 v2.0.10 requires 2 MB. Use the trial version of this program by Softorino to conduct tests before paying $4.99 for the full functionality. The System Utilities category, the System Optimizers section, to which the software belongs to. Our antivirus system has checked the setup package and found it safe for using, click on the direct download link to install it.

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Managing teams requires excellent communication.  Team Task Manager is the right tool to help keep track of all tasks, control time, and dramatically increase group productivity!  The software can be installed and configured in minutes.  The friendly user interface gets you started right away and eliminates the need for costly trainings.  Team Task Manager does not require monthly fees.  It’s very affordable for every budget!

Stay in Control

Team Task Manager is designed to minimize the time it takes to keep your projects up-to-date.  Assign tasks, setup due dates, add task dependencies, attach files, view progress reports, share documents – all with just a few clicks.  Notification alerts in the Windows taskbar give an instant feedback, the minute a change occurs.

Teamwork Ready

All team members can see their individual to-do list and access project details as well as share documents.  Managers can easily add members, configure access privileges for each project and document, follow-up on assigned work, and much more.  Team Task Manager automatically notifies team members about new tasks, informs the project manager of completed work and sends out reminders for overdue items.

Better Overview with GANTT and Burn Down Charts

Projects with many tasks and team members can quickly get overwhelming to handle.  Team Task Manager improves the overview by offering different project views.  Besides the familiar tree structure, project tasks can also be viewed in a graphical Gantt chart format.  Project reports can be reviewed by team members and a burn down chart is displayed with the remaining work.

Secure Document Sharing

Team Task Manager includes a document sharing feature that can securely control the viewing, editing and deleting the critical information, independent of the team members’ access to the file server.  Sharing up-to-date information with everyone in the team gets easier when critical information is stored and secured in a central place.

Locally hosted, with Access for Remote Members

The Team Task Manager database can be installed on any PC and does not require Internet connectivity.  All team members inside the LAN can access the data by simply installing the lightweight Windows client application.  Since the database is not stored on the Internet, it’s easier to prevent unauthorized access to the confidential information.  Team members that are geographically dispersed can get secure access to the Team Task Manager database if the network administrator configures the LAN for remote access.

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